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Has anyone ever encountered situations where their hampsters have climbed across the top of their cages upside down? We recently switched out panda bear hampster to an all metal cage instead of a glass tank. The tank was too short for him and he would climb up and hold onto the wire mesh and crawl around. I used to have a mouse that did the same thing, but he was MUCH smaller. Panda will now climb up the sides of the cage and crawl around the ceiling, stopping to do chin ups as he runs along.

He wont do this if anyone is watching mind you, he waits until about 3am and then he runs until about 5. At times his little arms will give out and he will fall with a thud to the bedding below. It doesnt seem to hurt him because he just gets right back ot business climbing again. Has anyone else had this happen and/or is this typical?

Image hosted by
Panda climbing sideways.

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Panda swinging by one paw.

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Panda doing chin-ups.
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