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Hello...this is my hamster :)

So my boyfriend christopunk and I recently got a hamster. She's adorable. Her name is Patricia Cake Von Nibblesworth...or patty cake. I'm posting some pictures on here cause she's soooo cute :)

But she's an evil little hamster that escaped less than a month after we got her. We woke up one morning to find her missing. GOD DAMN IT! After searching everywhere we decide that she's in the water heater closet. But it's worse...she got into the wall of the closet and won't come out. So after canceling any plans we had that day we sat there for hours trying to get her to come out. No dice, the scratching we once heard was long gone. So we set her cage up by the hole we made in the wall with some peanut butter and treats. Next day we wake up the treats are gone but the hamster is no where to be seen. Such a little bitch. And the next day was just the scratching, no hamster. So at this point we had kind of given up any hopes of having our dear patty cake back.
Until that night at 1:12am. We were both in bed and i get woken up by my boyfriend saying/ yelling something about the hamster being on the bed and then feeling her run across my feet. She had gotten in to bed with us and was hamstering on my boyfriends arm! Just sitting here chillin' until he woke up and scared her. So pissed off that she's being so evil my boyfriend starts stomping around and he goes back to sleep and i'm out in the living room. I hear a shout and come into the room. " I've got her cornered behind the dresser. Stay over there" So I grab her little hamster ball and put it at the end and she ran right into it. BAD HAMSTER!!!
onto some pictures

We got her a little play pen...that's what she's in right here

She likes to model for us :)

Just chillin' with Dad

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