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Can I feed this to my hamster?

I have an adorable little Chinese Dwarf hamster named Hermes.

So yesterday, in a bout of haste, I accidentally bought rabbit food instead of hamster food. It's the Bonzana Bouti-Buffet. The bags look almost exactly the same except for the animal pictured on the front. The ingredients are also virtually the same except for sunflower seends, pumpkin seeds, almonds, barley, raisins, and peanuts (which are in the hamster food and not the rabbit food), and navy beans (which replace the pinto beans that are in the hamster food. Could I buy some the missing ingredients (salt-free, of course) and mix them in with the rabbit food so I could feed it to my hamster? Or could I mix it in with the hamster food I have left?

I also wrote the company with this question.
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